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The Same Veritas. More of the Lux. 

Experience LotusSTEM ESL

The Same Veritas. More of the Lux.


Download the ESL Program Overview Here 

LotusSTEM Teachers

An ESL Program Staffed by Yale Faculty.


Download the Overview of LotusSTEM Faculty Here 

Experience LotusSTEM Life

Experience day trips, shopping, and NYC Life.


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Newsfeed: Program Video and Hotel Information Posted 4/11

Hotel Information: students will be staying at the New Haven Hotel at Yale, 229 George Street in New Haven, Connecticut. Click here for photos of the hotel

LotusSTEM just posted a Program Video on Vimeo. Watch it Here!

LotusSTEM now has a Quick Reference Sheet for Parents. It has all the essentials, like where you will be staying, essential phone numbers and insurance. Download it here! 


Newsfeed: LotusCARD Announced 4/2

LotusSTEM now has its own discount card. Students participating in LotusSTEM at Yale 2014 will receive the discount card, which offers 10% off purchases at affiliate stores: Apple, Barnes & Noble, American Eagle, & Foot Locker to name a few. Check out the LotusSTEM Card Here


Newsfeed: March Endorsements


LotusSTEM is now endorsed by Chris McDaniel, Office Manager of the Yale Linguistics Department, who will serve as an Academic Advisor.

LotusSTEM is now endorsed by the Yale Undergraduate Consulting Group